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Launching Soon

Zcash Network:
Secure and Rewarding

Mine with the fast-developing and secure Blockchain ecosystem. Get instant payouts to reach your payout threshold.

Best Zcash hashrate


Zcash Network has made great strides in reinforcing security in the cryptocurrency world, making it extremely reliable.

Best Zcash network hashrate

Improving smart contracts

The Zcash network assists in improving smart contract codes. With over 300 security smart contracts audited, It has helped developers create fool-proof contracts.

Best Zcash network hashrate

Earn ZEC by Cold Staking

Earn interest by freezing your Zcash tokens for a long period by entering into Smart Contracts. Earn more even while sleeping! Freeze as few or as many coins as you want for a set period and earn interest on them.

Best Zcash network hashrate

Zcash Web Wallets

Easily manage your ZEC coins and access all Zcash Network features with an optimised interface. The Zcash Network is supported by a number of well-known crypto wallets.

Why should you choose Carbonyte Pool for your crypto mining journey?

Best Zcash pool Mining performance


Carbonyte Pool employs powerful and dedicated servers that are constantly and securely monitored. Our experts have developed a highly optimised system to ensure you have a smooth crypto-mining experience.

High performance mining pool software

Mining Software

All you need is an idle computer system and Carbonyte Pool will offer you the rest! Use the fast and secure mining software designed to help you mine ZEC with ease.

Help & Support For Our Miners

News Feeds

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Start Mining with Zcash!

Mine your Zcash coins or collaborate as a group of cryptocurrency Miners to form a shared network, to boost your benefits.

Start using your idle computing power with Carbonyte and maximise your benefits!

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