Getting started

Follow the below steps to start your Crypto Journey with Carbonyte.

Using a wallet is the easiest way to safely store, receive and spend your cryptocurrency. When you want to acquire cryptocurrency, either by purchasing, receiving or mining, the transaction will be valid only by using a unique cryptographic address issued by the wallet.

To get a wallet address, you will have to register on a cryptocurrency exchange website. We’ve given you a list of a few websites you can use to register for a wallet. You will need to register on any one.

Once you create a wallet here, a unique wallet address will be generated for you.

Each website has their own set of instructions to register and acquire a wallet address. Please follow them carefully. Your wallet address is extremely important to continue mining.

Next, you need to install Windows (or Linux) and GPU drivers onto your mining system. Once that’s done, you can then install a mining software. We suggest you do your research on what best suits your system.

If you find this setup complicated to perform, you can always use a specialised mining Operations System like HiveOS (ref), but they’re not free.

We recommend these reputable mining software:



Best miner for AMD GPUs.

Compatible GPUs: AMD
Latest Release: v0.7.18
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Fee: 0.75%-1%


teamredminer.exe -a ethash -o CLOSEST_SERVER:PORT_NUMBER -u WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME -p x --eth_stratum ethproxy


Open-source ethash miner with no fees. Brought by Ethereum community.

Compatible GPUs: AMD, NVIDIA
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Fee: 0%



For optimum performance and connectivity, choose the location closest to you, with the lowest latency to your mining system. (Latency is the time taken for data to be transferred from its source to its destination.)

We recommend using secured ports when connecting to our servers.

Port 8888 for variable difficulty and 9999 for fixed difficulty.

 Start Mining for Zcash Europe
Leading Zcash Coin mining pool in EuropeUnited States

Connect to a mining pool using your wallet address. If you cannot connect to one, ensure that you do not have an antivirus preventing you from doing so.

Your machines are now ready to start pool mining. You can easily monitor your hashrate, revenue and payout on the Carbonyte dashboard by entering your wallet address.